Thursday, 13 October 2011

Playing cards

The last time i engaged in my meaningful activity (Cards) was last Saturday night. Me and my flatmates were having a night in at home so decided to watch a movie, we were just getting into it when suddenly the tv and lights flickers then turned off. Damn another power cut! the whole street was out!. we sat in the dark for while until i went and got some candles and set them up on the coffee table. we had just enough light to see each other. Hmm what to do now we thought, someone suggested cards and we all agreed. We decided on playing blackjack (a game we don't often play) two of my flat mates didn't really know how to play but i explained the rules and aim of the game then we had a practice. They picked it up prity fast and it wasn't long before it started to get competitive. Everyone seemed hyped up and excited, maybe it was because of the changed environment. Before we new it the lights came back on, its almost as though we were disappointed when the lights and tv came back on, we were having so much fun playing cards the time flew by. We played for at least an hour.

So remember if your ever have to go without power there are plenty of good card games to keep you occupied for a few hours.

This isn't the best picture but you get the idea. All the flatties sitting around the coffee table in our pajamas and blankets playing cards by candle light =) how romantic. This shows that cards can be played anywhere, in any environment.


  1. Wonderful photos Claire, they have really given me the feel of what it is like to engage in this activity of yours. A little suggestion would be to check spelling and grammar, but other than that what a wonderful post :)

  2. How cool! who needs power to have fun anyway. Very true that you can play cards anywhere, this activity isn't effected (much) by the environmental factors. And i would have to say the candles are a tad romantic and adds to the ambiance of the atmosphere. :)