Saturday, 10 September 2011

Week 2- choosen activity

This semester we have to choose an activity that we will participate in mindfully and be able to write about.
According to Mathew 2009, Mindfulness is a simple technique for increasing awareness of the present moment, moving away from the past or future to pay attention to thoughts, feelings and sensations with objectivity as they unfold in the present moment.
My chosen activity is card games. I started playing card games at a young age with my parents and sister, the most common games we played were: snap, go fish and memory. As I got older we started playing last card, cheet and slam. My parents are really into games so we would play after dinner or in the weekends. We also lived on our boat for 9 months and didn’t have a tv or any sort of electronics so cards is what kept us entertained. I was taught how to play black jack, 500, uka and have just recently learnt how to play poker. These games require a lot more skill, strategy and more thinking.
Cards is fun and social and can be played anywhere with anyone. I enjoy playing with my flat mates, friends and family. I like learning new games and teaching people the games I know.
The thing I like best about playing cards is the social side of it, everyone gets involved and it is fun and sometimes gets competitive!.

Me and my flat mates have been playing cards a lot lately. We go through phases of it, the game that is played most often is presidents and slaves and poker. We usually play at night when nothing good is on tv. 
Words that come to mind when playing cards are:
Quick thinking
time waster

Why cards would be good to use with clients:
Sensors- touch

R.Mathew, (2009). Mindfulness, helping patients discover moments of rest, relief and comfort in recovery, rehabilitation and beyond. Work for advance. ADVANCE Newsmagazines. Prussia.