Thursday, 27 October 2011

Framework of PLAY + Ambeince

This week in class we got in groups and developed a framework around our activity. The three frameworks were paper, food, play and other. Cards came under 'play'
Play is described as an occupation that is done for amusement; Play is self chosen and pleasurable and done in everyday life (Christensen and townsend).
In comparison to paper or food, play is something that has no lasting effect and is done for no specific purpose. Craft produces an end product that tends to remain after it has been built. Unlike play which doesn’t have an end product but an experience (Sunderland, 2010). Throughout my essay i will be discussing play in relation to playing cards.

We also briefly touched on Ambiance. Collins 2004 describes ambiance as the atmosphere of a place.  To me ambiance is anything the environment offers and the atmosphere in the environment. When playing cards the atmosphere can get prity intense and serious (depending on the game) or it can be a fun happy environment. Sometimes when playing cards i get nervous or anxious waiting to play my cards, i also can feel relaxed and pleased knowing i have good cards.

As this is my last blog post to conclude i have covered ergonomics, Affordances, Aesthetics, practical considerations and have participate in this occupation mindfully over the past six weeks.

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Posts to other blogs (I wasnt able to post onto peoples pages)

1. Gemma "More affordances".
 Good work Gemma! I enjoyed reading this post as our occupations are quite similar so it has given me some ideas that i hadn’t thought of. You have thought in depth about the physical aesthetics (I didn’t think cards was very physical) and you have come up with good ideas. Another one could be moving the furniture around before we start playing, this is a physical component as well as an environmental factor :) Hope this helps. Claire

2. Cara- "Affordance: cont"
Hi Cara. I have enjoyed reading your blog as I am very interested in you hebel sculpture. I like how you have put up photos, this has inspired me to put photos on my blog. It gives the reader a better understanding and idea of what kind of work you do.

3. Amanda - 'Practical considerations- 5. Gingewrbread men'
"Mmm your gingerbread men look delicious! I like how you have put in ergonomics and practical consideration into your story because it allows the reader to easily pick these out. I have enjoyed reading your blog.
p.s  check for spelling and grammar as you have a few mistakes in here.

4. Divika
Hi divika. This post shows you have a good understanding of what ergonomics is and how it fits in with baking. I also love baking so it was interesting reading you opinion about it.
A suggestion to improve your blog is maybe adding some photos of the types of things you bake :)

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