Monday, 18 April 2011

Tutorial 7

Today we learnt how to make links to and from our blogs. I made links to websites that i frequently use and started a friends list so i can easily go their pages. I now have the direct link to the OT page and the NZAOT website. I also have google and YouTube on my page because i use these frequently.
I also commented on Gemma's videos she posted to give her feedback.

We also learnt how to use the snipping tool. This tools allows you to copy any piece of information or picture and copy it. This tool is located in the start menu, and is very easy to use. you just need to draw a box around whatever you want to copy then save it in your documents then upload it onto your blog by using 'insert image'.

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Tutorial 6

This week i will be focusing again on Schizophrenia and mental health and find online community groups that link to these. i will be looking at what service they provide, ethical issues, and how information is shared.

An online community is a group of people with common interests who use the Internet (web sites, email, instant messaging, etc) to communicate, work together and pursue their interests over time  (Leelefever 2003). This website is for people who have a menatl illness, or know someone with a mental illness. It gives support and helpful information. People can sign up and write about there life and share inspirational storey's with others.
This website would benefit people who dont have a lot of support or family to talk to. On this website you can post questions and a doctor will answer them or you can read other peoples questions.
Ethical issues- This website is very private, no name or information needs to be given about yourself. This website is similar to the first one, it allows you to sign up and post information and storys or just read what others have to say. It has a forum, blog, news and updates, and videos.

Ethical issues-  Anyone can sign up and read what you have said. People need to know what they are signing up for when they become members to sites like this, they need to understand that they will be protected by the privacy laws. The information being put on these sites needs to be relevant and appropriate for the topic.

These websites are made up of groups of people from all over the world who provide each other moral support, information, and advice on problems relating to some shared characteristic or experience. They can discus issues they may have and it gives them a sense of belonging. These groups are highly inntercative and very helpful for those users.

Leelefever. (2003), Common craft blog. retrieved on the 14/04/11/from Retrieved on the 16/4/11

Monday, 4 April 2011

Tutorial 5

-Every week YouTubers produce enough material for 60,00 full length films! That is alot of videos!
-20% of users are 20 or under
- Music is the most popular category of video
- The first video that was ever uploaded was on the 23rd April 2005 which was 18 seconds long
- 24 hours of video are uploaded per minute
-Exceeds 2 billion views a day
- In 2006 google purchased YouTube for $1.65 Billion

Services offered by youtube- youtube not only allows you to upload and share your videos but you can easily find videos on absolutely anything! All you do is type in key words and thousands of videos will come up relating to that search. you can also rate the videos and comment on them.

While on fieldwork Placement i did a lot of work with clients with schizophrenia.
Here is some information and videos that show how schizophrenia can effect some people.  this video shows how two people deal with there illness, what medication they are on and how it effects their family's. This is very interesting, it shows how schizophrenia can effect people at a young age. it is about a girl who has been diagnosed with this disorder. this video gives a breif over view of what schizophrenia is and what are the symptoms
These last two videos show poeple living with schizophrenia and how it effects them.